Sunday, January 03, 2010

2 great games on the same day!

I wish these big companies or marketing departments would get together and agree to avoid this crap. Flip a coin or something then the other guys can come out 2 weeks later. Darksiders and Bayonetta look to be the 2 best God of War style action adventure games to come out in years. Both have a dark, high fantasy vibe with amazing visuals, epic hack and slash combo driven gameplay, over the top enemy encounters and boss battles. Both are coming out this Tuesday for the 360 and PS3. I strongly feel like both of these games are catering to EXACTLY the same group of gamers so they are cutting their initial sales (which for most games is about %90) in half. Why does this happen so often? Does everyone think their game is so good that it doesn't have to worry about what else its competing with? Ah well. Personally I will be picking up Darksiders first. I prefer the art style Vigil pulled off and the exploration element the game offers. The preorder bonus being a sweet art book doesn't hurt either. =)

I added a few more random images and I'm going to be updating my links tonight. See ya!

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