Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketch group randomness

Here are a couple of sketches from our Monday night sketch group which has started with just 8 D3 artists. We started with a reference image of a 4 winged chicken that we randomly stumbled upon. So we all started drawing birds which turned into pure of chaos within a few minutes. Guys riding giant chickens shooting arrows, flying demons, giant tick monsters, etc. With our sketch group, I don't think staying on topic will ever be possible. hehe.  =)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Samus is always fun to sketch. She has such a strong iconic form that has stuck since the first classic NES version. Most lead game characters are too similar in silhouette so you have to get into the details to set them apart. With Samus you can throw down a few circles and an impossibly thin waist and most gamers will know who your sketching. Any programmer could draw a recognizable Samus... well... ok, that might be a stretch. Any 5 year old with a crayon.  =)

I love the Metroid Prime series and I think it may be the only title that properly utilizes the Wii-mote controls. It doesn't make me shake, juggle or break dance to jump or attack. All other developers take notes. With the new Metroid leaving Retros very capable hands, I'm a little (or a lot) concerned with the idea of Team Ninja developing the new title. Not that I dont like Ninja Gaiden or DOA, I just don't really know if I want the Smash Bros version of her in a fully realized action adventure game. Well there has never really been a bad Metroid game (the DS version does not exist in my mind) so lets just keep our fingers crossed for more Metroid goodness later this year.  =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boring guy fixed!

After uploading him, I realized boring guy needed a few quick adjustments. Now hes got a little character!  =)

Boring guy

When I sketch its always stylized or cartoony stuff so I figured I should try a few more realistic sketches since this life drawing stuff is the hip artsy thing to do. This guy took me about 15 min... well its a guy... with a face... yeah. It was incredibly hard to not draw a silly mustache, scars, warts, clown nose, etc. I guess 15 min of serious sketching is a long time for me. =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Math sucks

"Do you do math at work, Dad?" says a small voice from behind my chair as I'm sketching. "No way, I hate math!" says the dumb artist before the parent part of the brain kicks in. "What I mean is I prefer to leave the math stuff to the people who are good at it like the programers... and your mom."

I have 2 children who are straight A students that easily excel in every subject. In this regard, the 3rd apple fell very close to the tree. Like myself, my daughter Jaz loves art and hates math. Luckily she is only in the 2nd grade, so I'm still smart enough to help her. She only has about a 20 min attention span though. After that she just starts going completely blank and throwing out random nonsensical answers. "12-9=... fish?" Yup, she definitely takes after her dad.  =)