Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Math sucks

"Do you do math at work, Dad?" says a small voice from behind my chair as I'm sketching. "No way, I hate math!" says the dumb artist before the parent part of the brain kicks in. "What I mean is I prefer to leave the math stuff to the people who are good at it like the programers... and your mom."

I have 2 children who are straight A students that easily excel in every subject. In this regard, the 3rd apple fell very close to the tree. Like myself, my daughter Jaz loves art and hates math. Luckily she is only in the 2nd grade, so I'm still smart enough to help her. She only has about a 20 min attention span though. After that she just starts going completely blank and throwing out random nonsensical answers. "12-9=... fish?" Yup, she definitely takes after her dad.  =)

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