Sunday, February 21, 2010


Samus is always fun to sketch. She has such a strong iconic form that has stuck since the first classic NES version. Most lead game characters are too similar in silhouette so you have to get into the details to set them apart. With Samus you can throw down a few circles and an impossibly thin waist and most gamers will know who your sketching. Any programmer could draw a recognizable Samus... well... ok, that might be a stretch. Any 5 year old with a crayon.  =)

I love the Metroid Prime series and I think it may be the only title that properly utilizes the Wii-mote controls. It doesn't make me shake, juggle or break dance to jump or attack. All other developers take notes. With the new Metroid leaving Retros very capable hands, I'm a little (or a lot) concerned with the idea of Team Ninja developing the new title. Not that I dont like Ninja Gaiden or DOA, I just don't really know if I want the Smash Bros version of her in a fully realized action adventure game. Well there has never really been a bad Metroid game (the DS version does not exist in my mind) so lets just keep our fingers crossed for more Metroid goodness later this year.  =)

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