Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Prehistoric Circus

This was the theme of our regular Monday evening sketch group. KKG is doing an awesome job changing up the topics. Its great to see artists that I work with evey day coming up with ideas that are way out of their comfort zone. Im trying to avoid erasing or undoing in Photoshop so I want to get in the same mindset with a pencil. Keep it loose and incorporate your mistakes into the sketch. Its a challenge, but its always fun and it keeps me out of detail mode.

Sketch groups are fun and great practice. If your not in one, start it up! Or if you have access to a sketch group and just refuse to use it, you suk! Thats right, I'm calling you out Platinum Pat!  =)


tyson murphy said...

hah this is fun to the max.

peet said...

Yeah good times! ;)