Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Congrats Christi and Mandel!

My sisters wedding was last weekend. Of course it had to be in Vegas. It was a beautiful, sunny 108 degrees of the driest heat I have ever witnessed. I lived through 2 army tours in the desert and it wasn't this dry. I swear the city is creating an electrical field that pulls all of the moisture out of the air to make you come inside the nice air conditioned casinos. Once your inside, they hand you a free refreshing drink of whatever makes you want to gamble all your money away. I really don't like Vegas. Sadly ALL of my family lives there including my new inlaws who are the coolest people in the world. So I forsee many trips to hell in the coming years. Regardless of location, the wedding was great. The Rasta preacher was amazing and had us all laughing. The reception was also fantastic. We have a new DJ in the family and he is awesome. Lots of great food and dancing. I got a ton of incriminating photos and video as well. To everyone's surprise, my father actually managed to stay sober long enough to give a toast to the bride and groom. Bravo dad!

Congrats to my sister Christi and her new husband Mandel. May your previously troubled souls be forever joined to cleanse the wounded hearts and minds which make us proud to witness your adventurous conquest to become one with the perceived prospect of holy matramonial bliss from the heavens above... tacos for everyone!

Let me just add an appropriate image to commemorate this special occasion.

Shadow Dragon Ninja Octopus! (sketch group theme)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Percy Jackson is my hero

So... Sunday night is normally family movie night where we order pizza or we make something that we can all eat in the living room and hang out. We have been talking about making a short film using our flip cams so we have been watching the Pixar shorts to get some cool ideas flowing. Since we were already on the Pixar kick, tonight I (that is myself) suggested we watch Finding Nemo for family movie night. The wife (that is Liz) says "wait a sec! We have some free pay per veiw coupons that are expiring soon so we can watch something for free." Then I say, "We own Nemo so that is also free... and we know it doesn't suck." I'm not one to avoid checking for new things so we flip through the amazing PPV family section. We soon realize it consists of 12 bad movies that we have already seen and something new called Percy Jackson and The Olympians. None of us have seen it and its from the director of the first Harry Potter so we decide to check it out...

Needless to say, my life is forever changed by this unparaleled experience. I don't think I will ever be able to enjoy other movies quite the same way again. Uma Thurman as Medusa, Pierce Brosnan as a centar, Rosario Dawson with hell hounds! Need I go on? If you or anyone you know have not witnessed the relentless barrage upon the senses that is Percy Jackson, run don't walk to your couch and perchase this pay per view enigma before its too late!

1920s Time Traveling Walrus

This is just absurd... These themes are so insane but damn they are fun. I didn't realize before this that I had no idea what a walrus really looks like. Their hands... or... flipper things are so odd. I still don't understand how the hell they can even move. Then trying to come up with a time machine that his big ass would fit in brought back memories of me squeezing into a Bradley back in my Army days. It turned out more like a Fisher Price wagon, but whatever. 

This was the other sketch I did for this theme:

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August already?

I haven't updated in a while. I swear its not because everything I have sketched in the past month has been facing left... well... at least thats not the only reason. I got sick, then Deathspank came out, then the kids with their playing, then Limbo came out, then the wife and her more time together thing, then Starcraft came out, then I had to get a haircut, etc. It was a busy July... I guess I should post something.

The theme for this sketch group was Organic Biplane with a Rhino bonus creature... obviously.  =)