Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Congrats Christi and Mandel!

My sisters wedding was last weekend. Of course it had to be in Vegas. It was a beautiful, sunny 108 degrees of the driest heat I have ever witnessed. I lived through 2 army tours in the desert and it wasn't this dry. I swear the city is creating an electrical field that pulls all of the moisture out of the air to make you come inside the nice air conditioned casinos. Once your inside, they hand you a free refreshing drink of whatever makes you want to gamble all your money away. I really don't like Vegas. Sadly ALL of my family lives there including my new inlaws who are the coolest people in the world. So I forsee many trips to hell in the coming years. Regardless of location, the wedding was great. The Rasta preacher was amazing and had us all laughing. The reception was also fantastic. We have a new DJ in the family and he is awesome. Lots of great food and dancing. I got a ton of incriminating photos and video as well. To everyone's surprise, my father actually managed to stay sober long enough to give a toast to the bride and groom. Bravo dad!

Congrats to my sister Christi and her new husband Mandel. May your previously troubled souls be forever joined to cleanse the wounded hearts and minds which make us proud to witness your adventurous conquest to become one with the perceived prospect of holy matramonial bliss from the heavens above... tacos for everyone!

Let me just add an appropriate image to commemorate this special occasion.

Shadow Dragon Ninja Octopus! (sketch group theme)

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