Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blizzcon was awesome!

Another kick ass Blizzcon in the books. This was the first year we tried doing artist demos on stage. Besides some technical difficulties with the Cintiqu (that I had never used before going on stage) and some microphone stuff, it went pretty well. Being up there with my fellow D3 artists Oliver and Trent made fielding questions from the audience a lot of fun. All the artists had a great time and produced some sweet sketches. We auctioned off the sketches for charity to the fans. Its crazy how little you can get done in 1 hr. By the time I got comfortable on the first day, the time was up. Overall it was a successful test, so Im sure we will get a bunch more artists to do it next year... Im calling you out Richie! =)

Here are the sketches I did at the show. (after an hr. of clean up and polish)