Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Beyond Good and Evil HD on 360

Last week Beyond Good and Evil HD came out for $10 on the Xbox 360 (live arcade) This is simply the best deal EVAR! This game was originally released in 2003 and it still holds up magnificently. BG&E is in my opinion one of the top 10 greatest games ever made. If you have not played it and you enjoy the idea of and action adventure game with a great story, truly unique characters and art style (I know its hard to believe), fresh game mechanics in an imaginative and amazingly well paced action adventure game, then your in for a real treat. If these ideas confuse you, its ok. Continue playing Call of Duty. =)

Here is a sketch I did for one of the main characters Peyj. I started working on a larger scale concept of many of the characters. If I ever find the time to finish it, I will post it.