Monday, December 12, 2011

Board/Card game WIP

My 10 year old, Sasha has been into drawing items and pets from video games lately. So we decided we would make another board game this weekend using some of her ideas. We started Saturday morning coming up with more random ideas and plans. We decided early on to make it a co-op board game because teamwork seems to be more fun than competition in my house. We couldnt decide weather to make it a board game or a card game so we went with the obvious choice for any OC girl: "Lets do both!" Why not. So we made a board with 4 zone locations (a forest, a town, a desert, and... a place where pets go to school... (that one is all her)

Team based battles against NPC monsters is something she really wanted to do so we came up with some simple test creatures to try combat on. So I suggest some basics: "Lets start with... a bear,... a Ghost and a... "CATAGATOR!!!" She screams in excitement. "A what?"  "Its an alligator with a cat face.!" "Sounds awesome!" The imagination of a child is always inspiring. Naturally I immediately pictured an alligator with its head replaced by a cat head. I never expected a full alligator with an additional cat face on the side. Needless to say, my mind was blown.

Then we came up with playable 'action cards' such as '+1 Damage to every monster in the world',  'Minus 3 to anything you want' (Im still not exactly sure what that one does), 'Defeat one enemy' and 2 Dark Damage' (shown above with skull and cupcake hat) that we cut out of card stock and penciled in. Then we made some quest cards that somewhat go with the zone themes (not really). Some of the quests include such epic adventures as 'Collect Star at top of Tree', 'Plant 6 flowers', 'Try not to fall' and many others.

By Sunday evening, we had a fully functioning (and hilarious) board game. Halfway through our first legitimate playthrough we found a HUGE exploit and won the game! Since its co-op everybody won and had a good time. =)

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