Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is one of my all time favorite characters. The D3 Witchdoctor! I did this drawing for a Blizzcon fan last year. For a playable character in a main stream game, this guy is as unique as they get.  

Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrabble and... a dragon demo (unrelated)

Today I am proud father... and a sad competitor.  My 10 year old daughter beat me in Scrabble this evening completely legit. I was pulling no punches. She won fair and square. First one to 300 pts wins. I ended my last move with 297. I began congratulating her for reaching 265. "Great job, this was a very close game." Then she laughs and slams down a single tile combining two words worth a total of 46 points! "WOW! You won! Awesome!" It was a great moment... then it hit me. I just lost a vocabulary game... to a 10 year old... sigh.

Well I hate posting just text. So heres a sketch:

   This was an on the fly, 1 hr. sketch group, painting demo I did last year. I came with no plan so I just asked the group what I should paint. Grace said a dragon since that was the Blizzard art forum theme of the week (and I had been slacking on submissions).

I decided to try something with a weird shaped head similar to the 2 headed beast from Willow. I always remember that one being really odd looking. Anyways I asked the group for random ideas. Someone said chef so I gave him a bowl of... yellow stuff? I tried to pull off a quick chef hat which everyone said looked more like a cupcake, so I added sprinkles. This was a fun demo and it helped me realize that I have no idea how to draw dragons.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Double Fine Adventure!

Today is a fantastic day for gamers and developers alike. Today an incredible studio decided to resurrect a dead genre without the financial shackles of a publisher. This project will be fully funded by the people who really matter: The fans.  

Im not going to explain it as well as Tim does. Just go here, click on the vid and get your wallet out. If you love great games, there has never been a better way to support a movement that will change our world.



Thursday, February 02, 2012

Deep Sea Murlock

'Boundless Shadows!' Another published World of Warcraft card. For the first time the printed version came out lighter than the original image. This one was a lot of fun because Murlocs are awesome and the effects were simple. As Im naturally a pencil/pen sketch guy, FX have always been tough for me. Purple lightning FTW!