Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrabble and... a dragon demo (unrelated)

Today I am proud father... and a sad competitor.  My 10 year old daughter beat me in Scrabble this evening completely legit. I was pulling no punches. She won fair and square. First one to 300 pts wins. I ended my last move with 297. I began congratulating her for reaching 265. "Great job, this was a very close game." Then she laughs and slams down a single tile combining two words worth a total of 46 points! "WOW! You won! Awesome!" It was a great moment... then it hit me. I just lost a vocabulary game... to a 10 year old... sigh.

Well I hate posting just text. So heres a sketch:

   This was an on the fly, 1 hr. sketch group, painting demo I did last year. I came with no plan so I just asked the group what I should paint. Grace said a dragon since that was the Blizzard art forum theme of the week (and I had been slacking on submissions).

I decided to try something with a weird shaped head similar to the 2 headed beast from Willow. I always remember that one being really odd looking. Anyways I asked the group for random ideas. Someone said chef so I gave him a bowl of... yellow stuff? I tried to pull off a quick chef hat which everyone said looked more like a cupcake, so I added sprinkles. This was a fun demo and it helped me realize that I have no idea how to draw dragons.

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