Thursday, June 07, 2012


A couple of months ago, I did this fun little mini comp on Gameartisans. The theme was 'Aftermath'. I really hated math as a kid. I remember drawing a picture of a giant alien spaceship shooting lasers at the school on the desk during math. Needless to say, I got in big trouble for that. Now i have a daughter who shares my past views on the topic. So... As a responsible parent, I felt the need to create an example of completely inapropriate behavior when receiving a bad grade. Now she knows what not to do... my work here is done. :)

I wanted to do a 2.5D model, so I cut up the concept to make the textures, then colored them.

Then modeled out the individual parts, lined them up and painted the shadows in the right spots.

Once I got all the elements together, I had to make a lot of minor adjustments to the texture and geo to get it working like the concept.

As always, I finished it up the night before it was due. The great thing about web contests is that there are deadlines. I could spend another 10 hrs polishing this up, but the deadline always saves me from my OCDetailing ways. :)


phroZac said...

Very cool, Peet! This is the technique you used on all those 2.5d trees and rocks and stuff in D3, amirit?

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Awesome sauce Peet!