Saturday, May 04, 2013


The Freljord event finally happened this week! We released the reworks of Trundle and Sejuani, a bunch of awesome skins and our latest map: !Howling Abyss!

This map was massively challenging. This was our first attempt at an animated and destructible environment, first time trying weather FX, a lot of depth testing, ambient creatures, etc. We threw everything at this and broke it many times. hehe. Ultra props for everyone who worked hard to make this the best Riot event to date!

This is just too much fun to be considered work.  :)

Friday, May 03, 2013

Space Mustache Koala likes Dungeon Hearts


I picked up Dungeon Hearts on Steam for $3 a couple of days ago. Its a fun little combat puzzle game with some great simple mechanics and visuals. It started out being really simple fun and ended up being insanely stressful! I was clicking so fast desperately trying to keep my team alive as I got closer and closer to the inevitable wipe. I was on a great run with only my archer still alive. I had an amazing combo jem set up for the kill on the boss. 1 split second miss click and its all over. I jump up and scream in agony "NOOOOOO!!!!" My daughter comes in with a concerned look on her face "Whats gong on?" I sigh deeply and give her a hug. "Shhhh... Its all over now."

It is with a heavy heart and a sore finger that I approve the purchase of Dungeon Hearts.