Friday, May 03, 2013

Space Mustache Koala likes Dungeon Hearts


I picked up Dungeon Hearts on Steam for $3 a couple of days ago. Its a fun little combat puzzle game with some great simple mechanics and visuals. It started out being really simple fun and ended up being insanely stressful! I was clicking so fast desperately trying to keep my team alive as I got closer and closer to the inevitable wipe. I was on a great run with only my archer still alive. I had an amazing combo jem set up for the kill on the boss. 1 split second miss click and its all over. I jump up and scream in agony "NOOOOOO!!!!" My daughter comes in with a concerned look on her face "Whats gong on?" I sigh deeply and give her a hug. "Shhhh... Its all over now."

It is with a heavy heart and a sore finger that I approve the purchase of Dungeon Hearts.   

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