Friday, June 28, 2013


My mega talented buddy, Paul Richards is setting up a sweet art book so I started a submission. I will post some work in progress images as I find time to work on it over the next month.

STEP 1:  Simple thumbnail sketch. I do a few really rough sketches focusing on proportions and pose. I try to do a sketch in under a minute then move on to the next one. When I spend more time on them, I start losing the initial dynamic forms. 

STEP 2:  Then I scale it up, lower the opacity and do quick refining line drawing pass. I normally try not to spend more than 15 min. on this stage. Keep it quick and dirty.

STEP 3: The I hide the under sketch (but never delete it) and do a quick value blockin to push the basic forms. I did this one in about 5 min.

I try to get through step 2 and 3 very quickly so I don't get tied down to anything. Now that I have the basics in, I can decide more specifics like: 'Where does this break? Where do I need to adjust proportions? Where is the light source? Who drank all my soda?' etc.


virginia critchfield said...

fun to see process man. looking forward to more.

Daniel Greenfield said...

That's awesome, I didn't realize you were buds with Paul Richards, but I guess that makes sense considering you both worked at Blizzard. I'm a fan!!

Bob Nelson said...

Looks great, Peet! I really dig the exposed vertebrae and the happy butterfly. Looking forward to seeing more substrata stuff

PEET said...

V- its due pretty soon, so time to step it up. How is your submission going?

Dan- Yeah Paul is a great guy and a brilliant concept artist. Im a fan too. :)

Bob- Its been a long time. Great to see you are still making awesome art.