Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gamer for Life

We lost a good friend today. Kevin was a brilliant and unique character in every way. Visually, he was a large hairy white guy with tiny Asian eyes hidden under dark framed glasses. His straight, teethy smile and his crazy ass hair always made me laugh. You could always tell what he was thinking or about to say based on his posture and animation. I'm going to miss that kick your shins walk cycle and his awful impersonations. 

Kevin was a true gamer. We could argue all day about which classic Squaresoft characters were the best both in terms of story and mechanics. His love/hate relationship with Everquest, WOW and other MMOs was always entertaining to listen to. Weather he was bitching about losing another hardcore Diablo character or talking about the awesome new things happening on his amazing Minecraft server, he always had something entertaining to talk about.    

As a game dev, Kevin was a pillar of the best type of culture in our industry. He was a great, no bullshit communicator and a fantastic problem solver. He accepted peoples flaws and weaknesses and would help out in any way he could. Kevin always pushed us to improve and make our community stronger. He set up sketch groups, epic partys, gatherings, etc. He included everyone and made it cool to be a geek.

While I am sad that we were unable to deliver a hard copy of the Artbook to Kevin, I am glad we finished it and gave him the digital version so he could see all the great works that everyone contributed in his name. This image is how I will remember him. A great character who shared my love for making and playing great games. KKG, the great Cow and Cheese will be missed but never forgotten. Rest in piece, my friend.