Monday, May 09, 2016

Under the Radar Games: Lavapools

Great little game for those who like a challenge and don't mind dying many times to achieve victory. (think top view Meatboy) Fun theme and characters with good presentation and controls. While the levels are similar and the only mechanic being dodge bats, blades and spinning... extended... arrow thingys, there is 3 different level types to keep it interesting. The scaling difficulty is very well balanced ending on a super challenging boss battle.

You have to collect 25 green... things to unlock the portal to the next level. As you collect more, the level gets harder by spawning more bats, spinning blades, etc. When you die, you start over but half of your collection from the previous level spawns as a tombstone in a random location on the map. This adds a ton of great risk/reward strategy to the game. I got it on Sale for $3 on Steam. Worth!