Monday, August 08, 2016

GOTW3: Card City Nights

My game of the week is an amazing little digital adventure/card battle game called Card City Nights. I picked it up when it came out on Steam a couple of years ago. I grabbed it because the card art was so unique and pretty crazy and it was $5. After playing it, I realized that it was not only aesthetically interesting, it was an all around amazing experience.

The world is immediately engaging and immersive. The music and mood create an inviting place to explore. The characters are so unique and interesting. Even though the entire game is played at night and you are always challenging people (and creatures) to duel, it never feels aggressive or stressful. 

The core gameplay is focused on a 3x3 position based grid. Each card has arrows on the sides or corners which make them ideal for putting them in specific areas on your grid. Its a very simple, yet genius mechanic. Theme wise the cards are all over the place. They are anything from rocket cats to snowmen to statues with wings. While anything goes, the developers managed to keep everything feeling cohesive due to the unified art style, sounds and animations. 

Unilke most TCGs, this game is very approachable and easy to pick up and learn. The complexity comes from how you decide to build your deck as the game progresses. With a fun story, brilliant characters, simple yet amazing art and music, Card City Nights is a must play regardless if you like the genre or not. Its less than $5 on Steam. Ultra worth! GG! 

Card City Nights is less than $5 on Steam. Pick it up and prepare to have a great time. GG! 

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