Saturday, August 13, 2016

GOTW4: Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale is an amazing little indie stealth game with high production values despite being made by one person. It has a great vibe reminiscent of the Redwall book series or the classic film, Secret of Nimh.

While the story is not amazing, the game features some great, quirky characters with amazing dialogue. Artistically, the game is beautiful. The lighting and attention to detail in every space is impressive to say the least. This game has a day and night cycle which changes certain gameplay elements such as finding beetles that make noise at night and affecting enemy visibility. The overall presentation helps create an incredibly immersive experience. 

The stealth gameplay is solid with lots of cupboards, baskets, chests and barrels to hide in. While the enemy AI is pretty basic and is easily fooled, they are still quite scary due to you being a mostly defenseless mouse. Finding keys, changing gear, and doing quests are all well executed with strong story driven context. 

Ghost of a Tale is currently on Steam early access for $20. While I dont regularly suggest early acces games, This one already feels very polished. Its great to see people doing something new in the stealth space and I am very happy to say this one is worth the price of admission.   GG! 

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